the rarely humble barkeep was becoming a type of journeyman who travelled the world plying his trade and bringing joy to imbibers from all walks of life.  

The industrial age had brought about all manner of new commerce, which meant access to all the flavours of the world.  

A skilled tender had the ability to seek out adventures in foreign saloons, pubs, watering holes, inns, ale houses, or whatever other drinking establishment they came across on their travels.

During these travels, the barkeep, often found socialising when not working, would occasionally hobnob with royalty, celebrities, the wealthy, or other high society types and it would behoove them to have a good cover story explaining their status in such a social circle.  

It also never hurt to have something other barkeeps would acknowledge as a code to identify each other, and thus was born the moniker of ‘The Parasol & Swing Company’.

Should you find yourself with the 5th Duke of Cornwall and the Princess of Monaco, being able to mention you were a Senior Executive at The Parasol & Swing Company would certainly go down as smoothly as a well executed Sazerac.  It was a title with just enough detail to keep the intellectuals from questioning, and anyone else to pretend they were of course familiar with the business.

Like the elusive history of all things liquid, it is your choice to believe or question this story, but either way, it makes for a good tale to tell over a tipple.  Our menus and seasonal specials are a tribute to the history of our industry and its journey, so please join us for a taste of past, mixed with some modern day ingenuity, and a side of merrymaking.